Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zantiang Chhawrthlapui

1. Over top of yonder gorgeous hills,
Shines the mellow Moon the Queen of Night;
Stirring sentimental and pining hearts,
She beams on my little cottage door,
Just behold, the Angel of the Night.

2. Frolicking in pleasant moonlight bright,
Their sweetest songs all the night birds give;
Perfect chord the hooting owl providing,
Creatures of the night they all enjoy,
Singing, “How pleasant the moonlight is!,”

3. True solace the weary heart does find,
When the Queen of heavens shines for us;
When she enthralls us all with her beauty,
Our longing for earthly things vanish,
Even burden of toils disapear!

4. Do not roll away so hastily,
Just stay on to thrill the lonesome hearts;
How delightful it is when you’re with us,
Make us blissful yet a little while,
Ere taking your journey home again.

Composed by Rokunga/ Translated by Dengchhuana (Sangzuala Pa)

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